Common Courtesy?

So I’m at the gym working out (surprisingly – but I usually do work out on that same day once a week… so at least I’m consistent) and I got my earphones in, working on my cardio on the elliptical and across from the ellipticals is the cable row machine. Now, usually I have to […]

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London, ON Bound

So this weekend is going to be one amazing weekend. As the title suggests, I will be heading to London, ON with a bunch of other friends to have one kick ass weekend where we will be young, wild (reckless) and free. The reason why this weekend is going to be so special? Most of […]

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You know you’re growing up when your friends (okay, maybe it’s not plural, more like singular) start to get married and graduate from University. It seems like everywhere I turn I see graduation photos up on Facebook and everyone posting awesome captions or posing for some amazing photos (the best one I’ve seen? A girl […]

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Hair Goddess

Every time I see someone with some badass looking braids, I stop and stare. Well wouldn’t you?! Okay, maybe let’s not only pin this on perfect braids, maybe pin it on something else like a puppy or a motorcycle. Get it? Good. Now, whenever I see a female OR a male with some astounding braids […]

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You Know What They Say…

Apparently, those who live their lives with pets are seen to be less stressed and enjoy a higher quality of life. Now, I’m not entirely sure if this saying is true but I feel like this past semester and a half, I’m beginning to see its effects. Recently this year, we had a new roommate […]

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