Asian Dramas

Alright so, I’ve recently dabbled in some Asian dramas as of late. I needed something other than anime to occupy my time (not that there’s anything wrong with anime but I kind of just needed a change of pace y’know?) ANYWAYS. So here’s the DL on how everything spiralled out of control which has led […]

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On Life and Job Opportunities

This past month I was hired to be an ESL teacher. Super exciting right?! Look at me, a recent graduate, officially became a certified teacher AND managed to snag a job! Everything seemed to have fallen into place with just a little bit of elbow grease on my end. At first, this opportunity was a […]

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Growing Pains

So, I’ve been thinking lately (I know, I’ve been doing this a lot….) and I’ve taken some time to reflect on my past experiences with minor obstacles that hindered me from my goal. But before I go into this I should probably explain said goal. For the longest time, my goal in life was to […]

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