London, ON Bound

So this weekend is going to be one amazing weekend. As the title suggests, I will be heading to London, ON with a bunch of other friends to have one kick ass weekend where we will be young, wild (reckless) and free.

The reason why this weekend is going to be so special? Most of my friends from the past summers will be arriving to London and we get to all party together! It’s never happened before except one night last summer – but instead of a club it was at a friend’s place.

This weekend is legitimately going to be the weekend with all the right people, all in one place. Of course, the sleeping accommodations won’t be as comfortable but hey, everything is always better when there’s a little bit of alcohol in your system (I’m not an alcoholic, I swear! Of course, this is probably what an alcoholic would say too isn’t it?). It also helps that all the right people will be in one place which makes it a thousand times better.

It truly pays to have good friends by your side to make everything better.

Cherish your friends, because when you find the good ones, keep them forever. They’ll make life more bearable.


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