Welcome to Pre-Adulthood

Well today was my first day as a full fledged student teacher who will actually be at the school every day. Originally, I would only be a student teacher once a week until the end of April which is where I got to be a student teacher everyday for 1 whole week. Anyways, me being […]

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Food Prep

Alright so, recently I’ve been seeing lots of things on social media about meal prep, even He started to do some meal prep because He’s entered into a contest that goes from now until the end of April to see who’s packed on the most lean muscle. Anyways, I just thought I’d share my views […]

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Abs and Figure Skating

So last month (wow….it’s already been a month seeing as it is now Feb 1!!!!!!!!) I moved into my friends home so that we could commute to school together for 6 weeks – we have 6 weeks of classes together followed by placements until the end of April. Since moving in, I’ve felt very welcomed […]

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