You know you’re growing up when your friends (okay, maybe it’s not plural, more like singular) start to get married and graduate from University. It seems like everywhere I turn I see graduation photos up on Facebook and everyone posting awesome captions or posing for some amazing photos (the best one I’ve seen? A girl bringing in her pug to her graduation photo!). But the main thing that I feel marks true adulthood is when someone you know decides to tie the knot. Now, I’d like to think I’m still relatively young, naive and extremely unexperienced but when one of my childhood friends gets married? It’s a big deal.

I recently received her online invite asking for a primary mailing address and wow, did that put a smile on my face! Here she is posing in a super cute photo with her fiancé asking for a primary mailing address in order to be sent an invitation! It’s surreal because I honestly never thought that someone I knew would get married and that I’d be attending their wedding (at least not for another few years). But I’m extremely glad and excited that she’s getting married and that I get to celebrate such a momentous occasion with her. It truly warms my heart!

Now moving on to graduation… I suppose I don’t feel like a “true adult” yet because my time to graduate has not arrived yet. I mean, sure if I was in a regular 4 year program I’d be one of those people posting their graduation photo with some cliché caption saying “time flies” or something – but I’m not. My program is actually 5 years so I still have to wait for another year to pass before I get to become all sappy and nostalgic. But at the same time, I simply can’t wait to graduate and move on from university. I mean, it’s been a good time but I’m just ready for the next step – but I’m still a little apprehensive.

Only time will tell what’s in store for me (hopefully it’ll be good stuff). Till then, I’ll be here waiting and testing my flexibility at what life has to offer.


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