You Know What They Say…

Apparently, those who live their lives with pets are seen to be less stressed and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Now, I’m not entirely sure if this saying is true but I feel like this past semester and a half, I’m beginning to see its effects. Recently this year, we had a new roommate who brought along her dog, Maggie – she’s a mutt with the cutest/weirdest corkscrew tail you’ve ever seen. But boy, is she loaded with the biggest personality ever!

Maggie is a professional foodie since birth, absolute fanatic of walks/parks/fetch and an all out spoiled baby who is adored and cherished by the whole house.

Now, I wouldn’t necessarily say that I lead a very stressful life – I mean it does have its moments but I still think I lead a pretty relaxing-ish life you know?


I feel like every time I come home I see a little black nose peeking through the door or I can hear nails clicking on the floor eagerly running to greet me with a wet nose. This is ultimately an extremely good feeling! It’s always nice to be greeted with so much enthusiasm and excitement every time I leave the house. Without fail it happens every time – unless of course Maggie isn’t there (these are the days I cry on the inside).

But yes, I do feel like people who live their lives with pets lead a happier life. Whats not to love about an animal that absolutely loves to see/smell you even if you leave the house for 20 minutes?! It never gets old.

So here’s to you Maggie, you the real MVP (even though you can be stinky or bratty sometimes – but I’ll let that slide because you’re so cute)


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