The End of an Era

So, I’ve recently finished watching all 9 seasons of Dragon Ball Z and I’m feeling things… I feel like my childhood was basically relived, enhanced and ended I feel like there’s a void in my life now that I’m not watching DBZ I don’t really know how to process these emotions… I feel exhausted and […]

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Adulting 101

So, this week is actually quite bittersweet. I’m in the last week of my fourth year education and needless to say, it couldn’t have come faster (except it came up super fast and knocked me on my ass). BUT none the less, I’m glad it’s here, but also not at the same time. This year, I was blessed enough […]

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The Cycle of Leg Day

I’ve recently hit the gym again (for now that is… fingers crossed though!) and I decided to do a brutal leg day (it’s only brutal because I’ve been out of the gym for at least a month… I know, shame on me). Essentially it consisted of a 5 minute warm up on a spin bike […]

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Sweet Potato Chilli

This is my attempt at starting to become an (amateur) food blogger! I hate to say it but I don’t actually have a lot of recipes that I make on the regular but I do have a few that I’d say are my favourite (read: the ones I make the most) but today’s recipe is […]

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Embarrassing But True

Now, I know my blog is all about living the life of an average Jane (ha get it? Jane because I’m a girl instead of Joe? hehe) but sometimes I do actually have some adventures crisis occur to me at least once a month (give or take). So here it is! Adventure Crisis Numero Uno! I’m at […]

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Brain Meltdown

So I have this history paper that’s due this Thursday by midnight. Now, I did plan to start working on it Friday but unfortunately it failed (by failed I mean I didn’t even make an effort to start the damn thing). What can I say? Procrastination is my specialty around this time of year. I […]

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Outdoor Syndrome

My friends! This week is supposed to be such a beautiful week weather wise. I can finally stretch my legs out and pull out the ol’ spring jacket! I finally get to crack open my windows and let some fresh air in! Makes me want to stand outside take a big deep breath and exhale happiness […]

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