Take Your Compliment and Eat It Too!

Earlier today, I was talking to my roommate and he then goes to explain his thought process when he was cooking his chicken:

“You know, I was thinking ‘Alyssa is a good cook’ so I’m going to copy what she does when she cooks chicken [he meant that I put BBQ chicken seasoning on] – and that’s what I did! I copied you and I have to say, it’s really good!”

Now, when it comes to compliments, I don’t know how to react. If I graciously accept it I’ll feel weird but if I say nothing I still feel weird.

But then he goes to explain:

“J is really lucky to have you! You can cook, like every time he comes over you make something really good for him”

This comment makes me sound extremely domestic (but in reality I’m not – I’m just a huge foodie who loves to eat and cook – but I love doing the latter more than the former). But none the less, this comment made me blush needless to say.

My response?

“Awww, shucks… *awkward laugh”

I feel like accepting compliments is something I need to work on to make it less awkward for myself. But again it’s me. Merp.


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