Common Courtesy?

So I’m at the gym working out (surprisingly – but I usually do work out on that same day once a week… so at least I’m consistent) and I got my earphones in, working on my cardio on the elliptical and across from the ellipticals is the cable row machine. Now, usually I have to kind of stare a little above that machine so if someone does use it, it doesn’t look like I’m staring at them like a creep. So these 2 guys walk by and start to use the machine – whatever, no big deal. They’re getting their pump on and pulling their selected weights until 1 of them, decides to just let the weights drop after his last rep. Next thing you know, you hear a loud clank as the weights smash into each other by the force of gravity – see it was so loud that I could hear it despite the fact that I had earphones on (and they’re the ones that go right into your ear so it’s a little hard to hear the outside world). Now, I’m thinking, maybe he just struggled a little bit and it accidentally slipped out of his grasp – you know, give him the benefit of the doubt. So I keep doing my cardio and his friend switches in and then it comes back to the first guy and the same thing happens! Excuse me sir, I’m not sure if you’re aware but maybe you should control the weights instead of just letting them go – like does that even count as a full last rep? I don’t think so.

But regardless, two things about this one douchenozzle:

  1. Learn to control your weights! Maybe it’s too heavy for you which is why you drop it, or maybe you’re just an asshole. Whichever reason, fix it! It’s common courtesy to control the weights instead of letting them bang into each other. It’s not good for other people, yourself or the gym equipment at all!
  2. Just stop dropping your weights. Like, just stop doing it. FOREVER.

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