Adventure is Out There, Just Don’t be a Chicken

I recently reconnected with an old friend and found out that she’s received a teaching job within Japan teaching English! I’m super excited for her and so so happy that she’s got the job.

Then this actually inspired me to think about what I want out of my life and what I want to do with it. I’ve wanted to go to Japan for leisure but now I can combine leisure and work all in one! Although since I’ve been grilling my friend about this company that she got the job with I’ve had to conduct my own research as well. The application process seems very tedious (but I mean what isn’t right?) and these jobs sound very competitive (again, what isn’t?) but it sounds like such an amazing opportunity.

I’ve actually tossed around the idea of teaching abroad quite a bit but I’ve always been very wishy-washy with this idea. In theory, it sounds absolutely amazing – you can go abroad to teach/interact with kids and travel at the same time. But when it actually comes to action, I always back out and I know it’s because I’m scared. I’m scared of leaving the comfort of my own home and country, I’m scared of the unknown, I’m scared of not having control over everything and I’m scared that I will fail. I’m scared of the struggle is really what I’m afraid of I think.

The idea of struggling is daunting and completely unwanted. I don’t want to struggle, I want to prosper but in order for me to do so I have to struggle in the first place to even get anywhere.

I can only really recall one moment in my life where I was completely 100% worry-free and literally threw everything to the wind. It was when I decided to move away for university (and when I say move away I mean I moved 1.5 hours away so not too far but still). When I made my decision to move away for school, I embraced the unknown 100% and I’m not really sure what my motivations were when I made that decision. I think it might’ve simply been a new chapter in my life and I just wanted a fresh start.

I just really need to muster that courage and fearlessness for this new opportunity that has presented itself to me. I know I want to do it, I know what I need to do to get the process started but its all a matter of actually doing it. I think I’m going to give myself some time to think it over, like really think it over and really decide if I’m willing to pack my bags for a year and move to a brand new country (I mean, it sounds so exciting already!) but the real question is if I can follow through.

I literally only have 2 things to really consider I think:

  1. Go to Japan to teach English – PRO
  2. Go to Japan to teach English but its a whole new environment of the unfamiliar – CON

I mean these things are both connected but as of right now I’m leaning more towards number 1 instead of number 2. I’m really more excited than scared at this point so I’ll take that as a good sign. I’ll have to start the application process and gather all the necessary materials in order to make this a reality but I have a really good feeling so far.

I guess I kind of already tackled the first step – accepting and acknowledging my fears. The second step is to begin the application process and see if I even make it through.


Welp. Here goes nothing. I don’t really have much to loose so I might as well take a leap of faith right?


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