I’ve Done it Again

Well, here we go. Another post about me and my amazing talent: having the ability to marathon a show in the blink of an eye!

Recently, I found on Netflix that they had all the seasons of Naruto. Now, me being nostalgic, I decided to give it another shot because I used to watch Naruto a lot in my youth. But surprise, surprise! I got hooked. I popped those 20 minute episodes like candy and before you know it I caught up to the weekly episodes of Naruto Shippuden.

The series spanned over 15 years (apparently) and I managed to catch up to it in roughly about 1 year! I have to say though, Naruto turned out a lot better than what I thought it would be. It’s everything that I remembered as a kid but its also 10x better now that I’m an adult (in some serious denial).

I’ve also recently decided to give in to the hype about other anime shows that I see on social media. One being Tokyo Ghoul and the other being Fairy Tail.

You know when you’re on social media so much that it becomes habit to look at it? That’s literally my life right now but let me tell you, I have zero regrets. Why? Because it led me to find two amazing anime shows that I will never regret watching.

I binged Tokyo Ghoul in the span of one month. I mean there’s only like 2 seasons and 24 episodes total so 1 month is actually a very long time. Anyway, this anime was just so good, I couldn’t even explain it. I recently re-watched the series and it seriously hit me with the feels. In the season 2 finale, I literally bawled my eyes out for a second time (it happened when I watched it the first time around too).

Now for Fairy Tail, this anime is amazing too! Its action, adventure and comedy all wrapped up in one giant series! I’m so happy that there are so many english dubbed episodes out already. Although, me being me, I’ve binged on it so much that I’ve decided to slow down a bit so that I don’t catch up too quickly.

Another anime that I found very, very good was The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix (notice there’s a common cause? Netflix. That blessed Netflix). This anime is very similar to Fairy Tail, so if you’re a Fairy Tail lover I can almost guarantee that you’ll love Sins just as much.


That’s all for now friends! So go forth, and binge to your heart’s content – because if you don’t I definitely will!



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