Food Prep

Alright so, recently I’ve been seeing lots of things on social media about meal prep, even He started to do some meal prep because He’s entered into a contest that goes from now until the end of April to see who’s packed on the most lean muscle.

Anyways, I just thought I’d share my views of this thing you call meal prep.

  1. It is an amazing way to get the body of your dreams. I totally agree that watching what you eat and making sure you get enough nutrients in your daily meals will completely revolutionize the way your body behaves and looks. Yet, for me personally, I just lack all the control and will power when it comes to controlling myself. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in the habit of eating crap food 24/7 – it’s actually quite the opposite. I’m normal – I eat crap food here and there but for the most part I’d say my diet is pretty decently healthy. I mean it could totally be better but whatever.
  2. If you meal prep and stick to it, I am totally amazed. The fact that you can stick to your diet because you have a goal in mind and make it seem like its super easy (but I know it’s really not) just blows me away. So many kudos to you! Take ALL THE KUDOS because you deserve it for having so much discipline.
  3. The idea of eating food that’s been sitting in the fridge for 2-3 days isn’t appealing to me (but in reality it’s just another excuse I have in my arsenal to not do food prep) I just prefer things to be cooked the day of so I can eat it that same day – but again, I realize this isn’t really realistic is just another excuse.

Well, there you have it. My thoughts about meal prepping.

For those of you out there who meal prep, I admire you so much. Not only do you have a goal in mind and are actually physically implementing it but you also have so much self. control. The relationship I have with food is a very good one – except food usually wins any arguments I have with myself – yeah I’m talking about you carbs! Show me any type of carbs (pasta, french fries, burgers, bread!) and I will instantly melt. Carbs has a way of bringing me to my knees and destroying any control I have. Its my weakness. I feel like if I were a super hero, my “kryptonite” would most definitely be carbs. Show me a big heaping bowl of mashed potatoes and I will submit. Every. Single. Time. Without Fail.

Therefore, in conclusion, I have deduced that meal prep is not a thing for me simply because I lack control and will power. I hope that sometime in the distant future, this mentality will change but for now, I’ll be sitting over here enjoying my chicken burger (see! I try! I really do!) with a side of fries.

Ciao for now friends!

But don’t forget, if there ever comes a day where you’re deciding between freshly baked buns and steamed brussels sprouts, go for the buns.

Never say no to buns. Or carbs. OR burgers (unless you’re a vegetarian/vegan, in that case a veggie burger will suffice).


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