Welcome to Pre-Adulthood

Well today was my first day as a full fledged student teacher who will actually be at the school every day. Originally, I would only be a student teacher once a week until the end of April which is where I got to be a student teacher everyday for 1 whole week.

Anyways, me being a social media addict (but I mean who isn’t nowadays anyway right?) I see so many posts about my other friends graduating or finding full time jobs and I’m sitting here like “whaaaaaaaaat?” I mean I don’t really consider myself to be an adult yet because I’m still technically in school completing hours before I can officially call myself an alumni from two universities.

But the more I see these posts about full-time jobs or even learning about it from other people, it makes me a tiny bit anxious? Wanting to join the bandwagon? Feeling a sense of dread in which I really need to get my shit together????

In my mind, I’m still a student because I’m going to school to work… for free. I mean it’s really not even that bad – I actually really like my placement so it doesn’t even really feel like work. But still.

I’m at that stage where I’m almost graduated but not quite. I mean from now until the end of April will fly by in no time. Which only means that I will have to face the inevitable sooner rather than later. My own mother has unleashed this reality on me a couple days ago. She scolded me for relying on her and my dad too much – in my defence though, I’m still a big child. I can’t do anything on my own! HELP ME! which I know is 100% accurate. I realize that since I’m at the end of my university career I really need to step my game up and actually secure a full time job. What the hell is even a full time job?! Like what do you mean I won’t be going back to school in September?!

After all this, I simply can’t. I just can’t. I mean, I don’t even want to. Like. STOP. 

Brb going to crawl into a dark hole and avoid any/all responsibilities when it comes to adulting. Can you tell I’m not ready?

“We’re adults. When did that happen and how can we make it stop?” Meredith Grey.


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