Yuri!!! On Ice

So recently, I have been obsessing over this show called Yuri!!! On Ice. Honestly, this show has been so hyped up on all my social media networks (well, really only my Instagram) that I simply had to give it a shot and let me tell you, I was NOT DISAPPOINTED. All the hype was completely and 100% necessary, if not more.

This show, makes me giggle and fangirl so damn hard, its ridiculous. Like, usually when it comes to anime shows, I get easily attached but this show? Has me dreaming about figure skating and making me giddy at just the thought (it’s probably love, an obsession).

Anyways, the season finale recently aired (and I literally just watched it) and it was perfect. Absolute perfection. An amazing way to end such a short season and it made me feel so many things that I never thought I would.

If you haven’t seen the season finale, you should stop reading now because SPOILERS.


In episode 11, it ended off with a terrible cliffhanger of Yuri asking to speak to Viktor, claiming that he wants to end things after the Grand Prix Final – this is the part where I started to get worried. Like, what do you want to end Yuri? Do you want to end your skating career? Do you want to end this relationship and just get married to Victor already? (YES PLEASE.) Do you want to end your skater/coach relationship? There were simply too many things to consider after such a terrible cliffhanger.

Literally me, at the end of ep. 11

Episode 12 – Season Finale:

This episode was a continuation of the competition from episode 11. By the time the episode ended, I didn’t even realize that things had ended – that’s how invested I am. Time flies way too frigging quick with this show, let me tell you!

In the end, they announced the winners and of course Yuri takes the silver medal. In my eyes, this was an amazing win. But of course, if Yuri did win the gold, then we’d have no second season (I’m not sure if this is actually confirmed but it was heavily implied).

Regardless, I was completely satisfied with how this ended (despite the fact that I had already watched spoilers of the season finale – but I mean, who can resist? Like who?! Someone who’s not human, that’s who).

But before I end this little appreciation post of mine, I want to quickly talk about another OTP – Viktor+Yuri = Victuuri

Words cannot explain how happy this OTP makes me (well, any anime OTP makes me happy…I’m very easily impressed). Honestly, when I first started watching Yuri!!! On Ice, I was somewhat curious about this relationship. After all, it was being hyped up due to Victuuri and I was totally in love with them within episode 1. Their chemistry is so blatant and obvious that it just makes you happy. It’s so obvious but so clumsy (on Yuri’s part) that it just makes you root for them so much more.

You have Yuri, who’s been such a huge fan of Viktor. Yuri in my eyes is like a baby duck. He’s so clumsy but so frigging cute that you just want to hug and squish him like no tomorrow. Then there’s Viktor. He’s a beautiful, graceful swan that just makes you swoon (I know I did). And when you match the two together in a skater/coach or even boyfriend/boyfriend relationship? It just works.

Like, look at them! Just, AUGH.

End Verdict:

Would I recommend watching Yuri!!! On Ice? YOU BET YOUR ASS I DO.

Does this anime get you hooked instantaneously? Yep. No doubt about it

Am I going to re-watch all 12 episodes? I’ve already started. I can’t deny it. I have a problem and it won’t be going away anytime soon. 

Also, how much of an eargasm did you get after listening to that opening theme? Right?! Man, my ears came so hard. Just take a listen to History Maker by Dean Fujioka and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Trust. Me.

Me dreaming about Victuuri. 

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