Food Prep

Alright so, recently I’ve been seeing lots of things on social media about meal prep, even He started to do some meal prep because He’s entered into a contest that goes from now until the end of April to see who’s packed on the most lean muscle. Anyways, I just thought I’d share my views […]

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Abs and Figure Skating

So last month (wow….it’s already been a month seeing as it is now Feb 1!!!!!!!!) I moved into my friends home so that we could commute to school together for 6 weeks – we have 6 weeks of classes together followed by placements until the end of April. Since moving in, I’ve felt very welcomed […]

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I’ve Done it Again

Well, here we go. Another post about me and my amazing talent: having the ability to marathon a show in the blink of an eye! Recently, I found on Netflix that they had all the seasons of Naruto. Now, me being nostalgic, I decided to give it another shot because I used to watch Naruto […]

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Yuri!!! On Ice

So recently, I have been obsessing over this show called Yuri!!! On Ice. Honestly, this show has been so hyped up on all my social media networks (well, really only my Instagram) that I simply had to give it a shot and let me tell you, I was NOT DISAPPOINTED. All the hype was completely and 100% […]

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OTP = One True Pair

Okay so, I think the term OTP may be more prominent in anime shows than regular shows (I’m not entirely certain but I’ve only really seen this associated with animes, mostly). Anyways, I believe that OTP can literally fit anything and any TV show. But today, my OTP is between two characters from Fairy Tail […]

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Las Vegas 2016

As promised from my previous post (The Last Leg of the Race) here is what happened during my Vegas trip! First, this was the very first trip that He and I went on together without the trusting guidance of our parents. Now, here’s the cycle of emotions I went through when planning and executing this trip. […]

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