Warm and Tingly (No, it’s not pee)

I want to talk about things that make me feel good and also the fact that my title may or may not represent my feelings towards peeing. 

I’m literally sitting on the floor in the living room, gazing out the closed window at the beautiful weather outside (but it’s actually not even that nice outside. It’s actually very chilly out despite the sun shining down. The deception!) and I begin to think about what things make me happy or make me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Every now and then I do this not only to keep myself sane but also because being/feeling happy is very important for a person’s well being. Especially if you’ve had a rough day, if you stop and think about the things that make you happy (e.g. like puppies!) I guarantee you you’ll feel 75% better.

Anyways, here is my short and sweet list with some brief explanations/experiences:

  1. Puppies! Obviously this would be the first thing on my list. I would say that I am an avid furry animal lover. Bring me a cat or dog and I will pet it no questions asked despite the fact that I will probably die from allergies, but minor details. Whenever I see a dog walking on the street? Instant happiness. To me, all dogs are puppies no matter how big they are. Dogs = Puppies and nobody can tell me otherwise. Just like how Cats = Kitties. Same principle here.
  2. Hugs. Now, I went through a time where I found hugs to be really awkward. I think it’s just because I never used to give/receive too many hugs before but I’m so glad that it has changed (I mean, it hasn’t changed exponentially or anything but you know, 1 is always better than zero right?) I remember at the end of the summer on the last day of summer camps (which I was a camp supervisor for) I said my goodbyes to my amazing staff, gave em all a cute personalized card and words of wisdom (e.g. you guys were f***ing amazing and I couldn’t have done any of this without yous! Now live long and prosper and get out of here). You know, that’s it. I don’t really give hugs to people I’m not super close with – it’s just not what I willingly offer to do. But anyways, I’m standing there sorting some last minute paperwork and I hear a little countdown on the side. I look up and I am immediately surrounded in a giant group hug with all my staff. It was quite a touching moment to be honest, and they all yelled “BEST SUPERVISOR!”. Like, thanks guys. I didn’t want to cry on my last day but here I am.
  3. Food. I mean, I don’t even think this one really needs an explanation
  4. Being Outside in Nice Weather. In my youth I would spend all day, everyday outside doing whatever I could just to be outside. I wouldn’t really say I’m super adventurous where I’d climb Mount Kilimanjaro just to get my dose of the outdoors but I do appreciate sitting outside on a patio. Even walking outside wearing sunglasses keeps me pretty satisfied.
  5. People I like hanging out with/Friends. I’d say my list of tolerable people (just kidding, I actually love you all) is pretty small but if I’m down to spend a few hours or days with you at a time, you’re pretty damn special to me.


Well, I hope you take some time out of your day to think about the things that make you feel warm and tingly (and if it’s pee, then you do you boo! Ain’t no judgment being passed here…okay maybe a little)

STAY HAPPY AND THINK POSITIVE. because there will always be food or puppies to cheer you up when all else fails.


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