I Can’t Handle the Pressure…or So I Thought

So I’ve been reading a lot of fanfiction recently (but I mean I’m still reading so it’s not like I’m wasting my time…..maybe just procrastinating) and this one that I’m reading is in the format of a skype chat and its absolutely amazing. It’s leaving me in a fit of giggles at all the terrible puns and dad jokes. It’s great.

Anyways, reading this delightful piece brought me to back to 3rd or 4th year. Every wednesday they would have free soup and fry bread for students – because we’re all poor and need some quality food that isn’t instant or fast. So me and my roommate walk in to enjoy a delicious snack and at some point we talked to this other guy who was also there (let’s keep in mind that I’m not very socially out-going, I’ll talk to you but I can’t guarantee I’ll initiate contact first…like ever…unless I’m drunk). So apparently the topic came around of making jokes on the spot like a stand-up comedian. Now I wouldn’t classify myself as a very funny person – sure I have a good sense of humour and I appreciate all types of jokes but I don’t really think I’m good enough to make up jokes on the spot you know? I’d need some time to think about one before actually saying it ya feel?

But, in the spur of a moment I actually managed to make one tiny joke in like 0.5 seconds flat! A WORLD RECORD IN MY BOOKS, HONESTLY! And you know what that joke was? Here, I’ll give you a run-down:

Guy: come on I’m sure you can make a joke if you tried

Me: Man! This is so much pressure! I’m not a diamond!!


Get it? I made a joke/pun right on the spot! Patting myself on the back because that probably wont happen for another 7 years give or take.


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