Tell Me I Can’t, I Dare You

Alright so a few months back (wow… it really has been a while) I went out to All You Can Eat sushi with a good friend of mine. It’s really more of a tradition now I guess, I only really ever eat AYCE sushi with him because we’re both massive eaters and we like to get a bang for our buck seeing as AYCE sushi dinner is not the cheapest thing in the world. Anyway, everything is going well we’re catching up, learning about each others lives and what not. We eat our fill of sushi and then comes the desert round. I strongly believe that we have two stomachs, one’s for the appetizers and main course and the second one is for desert. It’s a thing. Trust me.

So here we are, ordering our fill of ice cream and I might’ve went a little overboard. After 8-10 rounds of unlimited sushi I’m ready for that green tea ice cream! Bring it on baby! Now when I think about the delectable goodness that is green tea, I know how small those scoops are. After going to many AYCE sushi places you come to realize a pattern, they always skimp out on the ice cream and give you the tiniest little scoop. So my solution? Order a shit ton of ice cream to satisfy my craving for green tea. Simple right? Right!

I ordered like 8 bowls of green tea ice cream (most of which for me, my buddy had only like 2 since he liked the other ice cream flavours too). Now when the waiter comes over to bring us our assortment of ice cream I’m so excited. My eyes are wide and glazed over, drool probably started dripping out of my mouth (okay this probably didn’t happen but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did one of these days). The waiter looks at me and in that moment I knew something was going to happen. Like why are you looking only at me sir? Do you have a problem with me eating my weight in ice cream?! Now the next few words that the waiter utters lights something in me and brings out my competitive side (this is really bad sometimes because I take competitions way too seriously, although I’d like to think I’ve mellowed out a bit over the years, but who knows). The waiter says:

“Are you sure you can eat all this? It’s a lot of ice cream”

Excuse me! Sir, I don’t ever question your life choices so how dare you question mine! I’m sure he might’ve meant this in a concerning way or maybe he just didn’t want it all to go to waste but if you know me at all, I don’t waste food. That is such a calamity, and a huge no-no. So I look him straight in the eye and say “Yes. I can“. I probably glared at him a little bit too because I was seriously a bit offended that he’d even ask such a silly question. It also doesn’t help that if someone tells me I can’t do something I’m automatically going to do the opposite of what you’re saying just to prove you wrong. This bites me in the ass sometimes but I still regret nothing. 

But I mean, after 5 green teas, I’m starting to feel it a little bit. If you take into account the amounts of sushi I inhaled plus the ice cream on top it was probably a little bit much. In hindsight, the waiter might’ve been right in being a little skeptical but I did not want him to prove me wrong (I mean he probably didn’t even give a shit but it matters to me. A competition is still a competition even if it’s only one sided). In the end, I victoriously finished all the ice cream, slammed my bowl onto the table and slowly made my way up to pay. Let’s also ignore the fact that I almost puked once I was in the parking lot and had to stand beside my friend’s car for a good half hour to digest a little more and to make sure that I didn’t actually puke. At least I wasn’t the only one suffering, my friend has a similar mentality – which is probably why we’re such good friends.

In the end, this was quite the memorable dinner. The conversation was great, catching up was even better and the food was the cherry on top.

Do I regret my decision of ordering too much ice cream? Nope.

Do the words “too much” exist in my vocabulary when it comes to food? Absolutely not.


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