The Chronicles of my University Career

Alright so I may be jumping the gun a little bit but bear with me – I just said my first round of goodbyes  to my first set of kids from placement and it has left me in an emotional state (okay this is a huge exaggeration but I’m feeling the feels right now – a little more than I usually do because I am the tin man. But actually though)

Year 1: wide-eyed and completely open to what university has to offer me! At this point I was still underaged and drinking on residence was quite a hassle seeing as we lived with the don – but I mean she was cool. This was also the point where I was waiting to be hit with that university stereotype. You know the one, where everything is so different from high school because the work load is going to be so much worse blah blah blah. Either I managed my work load pretty well (obviously, I’m a very organized person so DUH) or I just wasn’t involved with extracurriculars enough to actually feel the pressure – this one is actually true. I’m not very involved when it comes to non-sport related activities. I’m a bad person whatever.

Year 2: going in I assumed it would be the same as first year – you know a breeze. My second year hit me like a wall and knocked me on. my. ass. Apparently, for my program, the second year is notorious for knocking out a shit ton of students from the program. The workload is ridiculous, you’re expected to complete a shit ton of classes from both universities simultaneously and do your placement hours. I mean when I first accepted the program I knew what I was getting into but I didn’t actually really know – you know?? It’s one of those things where you say “yeah I know don’t worry” but you really have no idea what you’re agreeing to until it happens. That was me. Second year was most definitely a struggle but I managed to pull through. I will always remember this year as the year I almost dropped out and threw away my ambitions of always putting school first. Trust me, this is my mantra, my life blood but I was pushed to the point where I was so overworked where I just didn’t care anymore. But thank god for reading week – that’s what saved me in the end. If I didn’t get that reading week I doubt I’d be where I am today.

Year 3: after second year I was fully prepared to kick some academic ass. Like, fully prepared – mentally and emotionally. But alas, 3rd year went by without a hitch. Of course I had to overcome some obstacles but none of them were as crazy as second year. Needless to say, third year went by like a breeze. This was also the year where we had alternative placements (e.g. finding a placement that takes place outside a school to experience life or whatever) so that means I had mondays 100% off! What?! What is this thing you call freedom?! It was honestly too good to be true. So much free time to do whatever I wanted, even join extracurriculars! But did I do that? Of course not. I sat at home and binged all my shows and found some new shows to binge on. Needless to say, third year was the year I developed a strong relationship with my TV and my roommates I guess (but I mean they were just there so… maybe it was more out of convenience? Just kidding. I love them. Like, actually I really do)

Year 4: The almost-begining of the end. Academically, everything went fine – hardly any problems there really. Emotionally it was a little tumultuous. I lost a roommate but ended up gaining a new one plus a new fur baby – Maggie! On the flipside, this was also the year where I realized: holy shit. I’m almost done university! But then I actually realized that no I’m not I still have one year left to go. Cue all the graduation photos and celebratory Instagram posts of #funemployment.

Year 5: Currently still within this one. First semester flew by like nobody’s business and I literally just finished my first block placement as a full time teacher candidate! I said my goodbyes to my grade 7 class and it was a little bitter sweet. But, I did promise to help out with their badminton team so I’ll be seeing them very soon and of course I’ll have a visit here and there. But honestly, year 5 so far has been an absolute dream. I couldn’t have wanted to start the beginning of the end in any other way. This is literally the catalyst of adulthood for me. After this there is no going back to school in September (well I mean maybe not this coming September, maybe the following. Who knows, post graduate studies may be in my future). After this, it’s the real world of real jobs and real benefits and real adulting. Did I mention that I’m not ready for this? Like at all?


Well, there you have it. My illustrious (yet pretty average) university career. I swear, I actually do love my roommates I’m not anti-social (well not 100%, maybe like 60%). I just don’t really like to make new friends, sure I’ll talk to you but no. new. friends.

Despite having some major setbacks and being overly stressed, I have to say I really did enjoy my university years. It’s not all rainbows and sparkles, it’s really not but in the end all that effort (and money…oh my god. all that money!) was totally worth it. Now all I have to do is apply my vast amounts of knowledge in order to get myself a full time job and become a real adult!

Wish me luck friends! (I think I’m really going to need it, especially for adulting)


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