OTP = One True Pair

Okay so, I think the term OTP may be more prominent in anime shows than regular shows (I’m not entirely certain but I’ve only really seen this associated with animes, mostly). Anyways, I believe that OTP can literally fit anything and any TV show.

But today, my OTP is between two characters from Fairy Tail – Erza and Jellal.

Erza + Jellal = Jerza

****Spoiler Alert! You’ve been warned****

So I’m at the episode right before the Grand Magic Games where Erza and the gang meet up with Jellal and his little crew. Fast forward into the episode where its only Erza and Jellal (YAAAS) and I’m at the scene where they happen to fall down a cliff and the moment arrives: the one where they KISS! FINALLY!

But that simply won’t and will not come true. Hiro Mashima loves to torture his viewers that ship Jerza. Honestly. So much sexual tension! Their lips we’re literally millimetres apart! One little shove and their lips would’ve touched! But then Jellal pushes Erza away saying he has a “fiancé”. FML. I was so close to seeing my OTP kiss and it gets violently ripped away from me.

LOOK AT THEM! LIKE augh, they’re perfect. 

You know what the worst part is? I knew this would happen. I’ve seen so many screen caps of this episode that I knew exactly what would happen but I mean, I’m a glutton for punishment. I’m such a masochist that I decide to put myself through that only to be disappointed – which I knew from the beginning I would be.


But I suppose I was somewhat satisfied. Erza knew that Jellal was lying about his fiancé. She even asked him if he loved her and he said yes – this basically implies that he loves Erza because she knows that he doesn’t actually have a fiancé. Although it wasn’t the ending I wanted, I’ll take it.

For now, I’ll just die a little bit on the inside because my OTPOTD (One True Pair of the Day – I have so many OTPs but this one has frustrated me the most so far) is simply not meant to be. Yet. 



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