Las Vegas 2016

As promised from my previous post (The Last Leg of the Race) here is what happened during my Vegas trip!

First, this was the very first trip that He and I went on together without the trusting guidance of our parents. Now, here’s the cycle of emotions I went through when planning and executing this trip.

  1. Excitement


This was me when He first gave me the idea to go away to Vegas for a few days. Literally, even the thought of just going away made me squeal like the little girl I am.

2. Anxious

Throughout the planning and paying process (I actually didn’t cry when I had to part with this money! I think it’s the fact that I worked full time this summer so I did have some cash in the bank) I was super excited. But as the days came closer to when we were to depart, I felt a little more anxious and nervous.

Where would we even go once we got to the airport?! How would we get from the airport to the hotel?!

So many questions ran through my head because this was an experience that I had never encountered on my own without a big group to lead me. See, when it comes to new experiences I tend to rely on others to see what their doing and gauge if I’m on the right track (I know, I’m soo brave). Usually for trips where I have to board a plane, I’m with my parents or I’m with people who know exactly what their doing. But this time it was just me and Him, relying on our wits.

3. Challenge accepted.

Of course, I was only thinking of all the worst possibilities that could happen. But when push came to shove, we figured it out just fine (I mean, thanks a lot to signs, our ability to read the English language and muster up the courage to ask people for some guidance). In the end, this was us when we checked into our hotel:

Who figured it out? We did! F*** Yeah!


We stayed at the Luxor Hotel and Casino – you know that one hotel that looks like a pyramid with a giant sphinx at the front? You know the one (if you’ve been to Vegas… if not well here’s your visual). Their elevators move sideways! My mind was completely blown at this fact (but I mean it makes sense right… its a pyramid…you have to go sideways to reach the rooms…or something. I don’t know. I’m not an architect) but I think those elevator rides gave me a bit of vertigo.

Day 1: Mission = put our shit away and explore the strip.

Day 1 didn’t occur as successfully as we had hoped. First of all, the Vegas strip is huge. I mean, I think me and Him are somewhat physically active and can handle some walking but if you combine that with the desert heat, it really starts to impact you (we didn’t even have water! Stupid, I know) but regardless, we made it through 3 hotels. These 3 hotels were literally the ones that were the closest/around the Luxor. At this point we didn’t figure out how the monorail worked or the fact that there was a free tram from our hotel to the two neighbouring ones. In the end, day 1 was kind of a success but not really. We’ll just say it was us getting used to our surroundings.

We also went to discover what other things our Hotel had and behold! Tickets to a Criss Angel MINDFREAK show! We bought those tickets on the spot because it was such a good deal (regular priced tickets were $100+ and we got them for $67!)

The show was fantastic. Completely blew my mind and was totally Criss Angel – a punk rock like feel with humour mixed in. I would definitely recommend going to see Criss Angel if you happen to be in Vegas.

Day 2: Mission = Actually make it to the strip, find and enter Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum

Day 2 was actually more of a success. We decided to go ask the concierge about this mystical tram that was free between certain hotels and inquire about the monorail. The monorail was actually the best 12 bucks we spent – unlimited rides on the monorail for 24 hours and it would bring you straight to the strip through various stops! This time, we actually managed to get to the strip and saw all the big hotels: the Bellagio, Ceasar’s Palace, Harrah’s, the Venetian, Treasure Island and so on. We decided to try a stellar recommendation of Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity’s close to Ceasar’s Palace. Although the drink was pricey and a little bit more than I’d like to spend on one drink, it was pretty tasty. It complimented the hot desert weather perfectly and was quite delicious. The final verdict: 7/10 for that frozen hot chocolate, although I suppose the atmosphere added to it as well.

This has been a long time goal for me – to get into Madame Tussaud’s famous wax museum. I mean who wouldn’t want a picture with your favourite celebrity without getting charged for inappropriate groping?! We found where we needed to go and the experience was pretty cool. Admission was $30 but we had a coupon in our hotel room giving us $5 off each person. Overall, we saw tons and tons of celebrities and took lots of inappropriate pictures with them (okay by inappropriate I would say it was PG13 worthy, not R – get your head out of the gutter!). We also took the opportunity to find out where Treasure Island was because we had a Cirque du Soleil show there the following evening.

For the remainder of the day, we decided to head back to the hotel and check out the pool. TBH, when I was first researching hotels I was immediately sold on the Luxor for 2 reasons:

  1. Pricing for 3 nights wasn’t too bad and affordable
  2. The pool. If you have the chance, just google the Luxor pool – it’s beautiful!

Day 3: Mission = Relax by the pool and get to Treasure Island

Around day 3 was when we started to understand how to travel to and from the strip. We took full advantage of the monorail 24hour day pass and we actually knew where we we’re walking to! Anyways, we chilled by the pool again at the Luxor and I noticed that everyone at the pool had these plastic cups filled with brightly coloured drinks that came with a lid and straw. I immediately wanted one but we both left our wallets up in the hotel room (locked away in the safe of course) and we’re too lazy to go back up to get our wallets. So we just decided to get those 32oz adult sippy cups later.

After spending a couple hours at the pool, we decided to clean up and head down to Treasure Island for our dinner and a show event! We bought tickets to Cirque du Soleil Mystere and a buffet voucher ahead of time so it felt like we didn’t have to pay for dinner that night (although we did…just earlier).

Once we finished dinner we headed into the theatre. I handed our tickets to the usher and he said he could hook us up with better seats (we picked the 200s because it was cheaper) but he boosted us up to the 7th row away from the stage for free! We were shocked but went along with it anyway. In the end, it was a fantastic show! Our jaws dropped more than once and we were in complete awe. The final critique: Mystere was simply 8/10. Definitely go pick up a couple tickets for ANY Cirque du Soleil show and you will not be disappointed.

Day 4: relax and wait for checkout/plane back home

Our plane back home was at 11:30pm so we essentially had a whole day left. We opted to get the later check out for 3 and decided to just relax a little bit. We went to the hotel beside us which was Mandalay Bay and went to see the Shark Reef Aquarium. We went around 10:30am just before the rush. We both got to pet stingrays (which were super slimey) and saw cool sea creatures. Once we left, we decided to head back to the Luxor’s pool for the last day and to buy our adult sippy cups.

2 things happened that I should’ve realized would:

  1. I forgot what it was like to drink by the pool/in the heat
  2. I underestimated the alcohol in my drink.

I got a pineapple bellini and He got a Strawberry mojito. In the end, I should’ve got the strawberry mojito because it seemed there was a bit less alcohol than there was in my pineapple bellini. I finished the 32oz drink only to find out that I was completely drunk. I was swaying back and forth and couldn’t really walk in a straight line (and no it wasn’t because I was standing in the pool). This of course, led to me being drunk and passing out for 30 minutes in our hotel room when I still had to pack my bag. We eventually figured it out and I kind of sobered up (but not fast enough!) The next few hours we’re absolute torture. I felt like crap and had a killer headache – aka I was hung over as f***. We eventually checked out and got to the airport where I threw my bag down and I just went to lie on the floor to sleep away my hangover. Of course, I woke up a few hours later on the airport floor feeling 100% better and slept even more on our flight back home.


Needless to say, Las Vegas 2016 was one hell of a trip. Would I recommend going there? Hell. Yes. 

Would I recommend consuming 32oz of an alcoholic beverage on the last day where you have to fly back? F*** NO. I mean unless you can handle your alcohol better than me then yes, go for it!

Why did I ever think I could handle 32oz of alcohol?! FML.



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