The Last Leg of the Race

Today is Sunday September 11th 2016 and it has officially been 3 days since school started.

3 days ago, when I came back from my Vegas trip (I’ll talk about this in another post) I started to notice a lot of back to school photos and then it hit me. This year will be my last first day of my university career. What? How! Where did the time go! Anything that I do after this year will be considered a graduate program or a masters or PhD or additional qualifications….After this year is done I’ll have completed my Undergraduate Degrees in Contemporary Studies and Education to be a full fledged teacher in Ontario! That’s nuts!

I can’t believe that I’m in my final year…Next thing you know I’ll be buying my own place and moving out (LOL that’s a good one. I’m such a jokester)

Anyways, this year will be a different one. I have one semester that I will be at home for doing all online courses and my second semester, I’ll have 2.5 months of class followed by 2 more months of placements! This is going to be a good year, I can feel it. I just have to get through the hard stuff and actually survive the year and then I can actually say I did it!

But moving on, so far my online semester has been going pretty smoothly I think. Since everything is online there is a lot of group discussions. I’ve done some online courses before and I’ve done group discussions – you literally answer whatever questions the professor has and then you respond to 2 or more people’s responses within that discussion to get marks. Easy. No problem! Except, this time I have a professor who actually requires us to work with our group members which means we all have to answer the question but only one of us is allowed to post for the whole group. This is literally my nightmare both for online courses and in-person classes…I mean I’m definitely a team player don’t get me wrong its just… some people are just not reliable – like some people are just complete idiots or assholes about group work!


My face when reading the requirements for this group post.

If you ask anyone (who is normal) when they hear the word group work, there’s always one reaction: FML or F*** My Life. Now, I wouldn’t mind doing group work if I got to choose my group members, because obviously you’d choose all your friends (like all 4 of them). But most of the time within online courses you get assigned a group of complete and total strangers. Now, when it comes to my education I’m a hard ass. You have to do things the way I want it done because this affects my grade as much as it does yours and if one person fails then my grades fail – which is absolutely unacceptable. I don’t like to rely on people when it comes to my own personal achievements or grades, especially grades. This is usually why I prefer to do projects myself or I choose people I know I can work well with (read: I can easily control).

But, it is what it is. I got what I got and I’ll (try – but I’ll fail miserably to) not get upset. I’ll probably stress about it a lot (which I’ve already been doing) but eventually I’ll adjust and go with the flow and just throw everyone under the bus who didn’t actually do any work (plus my professor said that’s completely allowed anyways because if we give credit where no work was done it’s against the policy yada yada yada)

I’m going to need it….

Let’s hope that this semester (as well as the next) is awesome bearable and that I make it through to walk the stage and get my two pieces of official papers that cost me an arm, a heart, couple kidneys and 1 brain.


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