My Spin Class Experience

In the past month, my best friend convinced me to join her in participating in a spin class at our gym. Let me just say, to all you spinners out there? I salute you!! You and your legs/buns/calves/entire body of steel! Simply amazing.

Anyways…back to my experience:

  1. first day of spin class and I’m warmly welcomed by the instructor – she’s fit AF let me tell you (well DUH) and she helps me to adjust my bike to meet my body. Man, I never knew there would actually be so much to learn when it came to spinning (shows you how much I know about it eh?). She taught me to adjust the seat where it should be, how to maneuver the handles so they don’t hit me in the middle of my spin session as well as how to properly adjust those damn handle bars (FINALLY! Who knew how comfortable it could actually be when it’s the appropriate length sheesh!)
  2. The instructor starts up some music to get us all fired up and let me tell you, this music was on POINT. The theme was latin and damn, did it ever get me fired up.
  3. 5 minutes into the class and I’m there sweating like a pig. It was only 5 minutes in too! But on top of all this, my arms and shoulders were already burning! She had us straddle the seat (which meant that your butt absolutely could not touch the seat) and she had us put our hands higher up on the handle bars with our fingers facing in and palms facing out. From here we essentially did push ups on the spin bike – WHAT?! My arms started to feel the burn
  4. 6 minutes later – I know, only a minute later she had us take our foot out of the pedals and we had to cycle with one foot in while doing crunches. In between all this multitasking, I kept thinking in my head “is it over yet? No?! Still 55 minutes left?! SHIT”
  5. After our ab session was done she had us pumping with one leg in the pedal and the other just hanging out – this was honestly so terrifying when I first saw it happen. I eventually got to doing it and man is it ever hard! For this one, you use your arms a lot. You use the momentum from when you pedal but also use your arms to keep yourself upright. Your other leg that isn’t strapped in is either on the side or sticking out so your butt got a workout too.
  6. She then had us do some HIIT work and this is what killed me. Here I am, 30 minutes in and she still wants us to keep pumping! This is definitely my definition of love/hate. I love that she’s trying to get us to work super hard but at the same time I hate working super hard. It hurts too much! But I mean you suck it up because I don’t wanna be seen as a little bitch you know?
  7. It’s done! After 60 minutes of the most intense cardio I have ever done, it’s finished. I survived my spin class!! She led us to some cool down and stretching and my t shirt that was once grey has now turned into a darker shade of grey. My legs feel like jello and my face is as red as a tomato.

The Verdict:

Spin class is the best thing ever. But it’s also the worst thing ever. The beginning stages of the class are great! No problemo. The middle is okay and getting closer to the end is total torture. I always count down the minutes till we’re done. At the end of the day, would I go back to spin class? HELL. YES. It hurts so bad, but man do I ever feel good after that class is finished.

It’s absolute torture. But sweet, sweet torture that calls my name and I will almost always say yes.

So, if your gym or you are invited to attend a spin class? I would highly suggest you try it out. It’s everything you’d want and MORE! NO LIES!! Total body workout, no weights necessary and it also includes cardio! Perfect workout for the lazy gym goer like myself. Why go everyday when you can go once or twice a week for a spin class that does every body part?! Am I right or what?! (I’m just kidding. But I mean I’m only human. It happens)



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