Last night me and a friend decided to watch a movie called Hush. This is a Netflix original film and I was immediately interested based solely on the image.

Now this film is about a female lead who is both deaf and mute. Her home in the woods gets invaded and she has a psycho killer after her. I know, I know it sounds like your typical horror/thriller movie and in some aspects it was. But the twist was the female lead – since she is deaf and mute, it makes her escape that much more harder.

All in all, this movie was quite enjoyable I’d say! It kept me on edge, and the female lead’s intelligence was quite amazing – in reality, I’d love to say I would be just like her in this type of situation but I know for a fact I probably wouldn’t live to tell the tale. I know I’d try my hardest to survive but who knows! (Hopefully I’ll never have to encounter this type of situation *knocks on wood).

Anyways, this post actually has a purpose. I promise.

So, me and my buddy decided to watch this when it became dark outside and we turned off all the lights – let me tell you it made it ten times creepier. 

The movie begins and ends, insert commentary here and friendly chit chat then final goodbyes. This is where the real story begins.

Now, my roommate was in London for the night, so it was just me and Maggie the pooch. We got to have a slumber party and it started off pretty well. But around 5AM this morning, in the middle of our spooning session miss Maggie decided to wake up because she heard something. This in turn, woke me up as well and I too heard the ominous noise happening outside my window. Now, because I had recently watched Hush my first immediate thought was “oh no. There’s a masked killer out there trying to get in and kill me! What do I do?!” My heart rate picked up and my eyes pretty much bugged out. I lay in the safety of my bed waiting for the noise to either get louder or to stop. The latter happened instead of the former thank god. After that little adventure I went back to bed.

Note to self, don’t watch home invasion movies before bed when you’re in a house by yourself. It will almost always end in unnecessary heart palpitations and paranoia.

Too bad I’ll never learn. I live for the adrenaline of fear. Just kidding, I’m a huge baby.


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