Wanna-be Food Critic

Yesterday and today me and Him had quite the food adventure! Let’s begin with yesterday and work from there shall we?

Saturday: Italian
We had the full intent of eatting Italian food and we eventually got to it. But instead of what we originally planned for – Alice Fazooli’s we were surprised to find another restaurant had replaced it! I was a bit disappointed but tried this new place out anyway. It’s called Scaddabush – which in Italian means a little bit of this and that (from what I read on the menu).


First we started with a small bruschetta: toasted slice of bread (baguette? Croustini? I’m not entirely sure to be honest) with diced tomatoes, basil a splash of balsamic vinegar (I think) and tons of shredded parmesean. This wasn’t the best bruschetta I’ve ever had to date but it wasn’t bad either. I suppose I would classify this bruschetta as pretty average in my books.


Our two main courses: spaghetti and a meatball and baked carbonara.

Spaghetti and a Meatball
Pretty basic dish with freshly shredded parmesean and ground black pepper added. We found that the spaghetti was a little chewy which was a little odd. Maybe it was a different type of spaghetti? Or it was cooked for too long I’m not really sure. But the main star of this dish was the meatball itself. Seasoned well and not too chewy or dry. The meatball made up for the chewiness of the spaghetti.

Baked Carbonara
Penne baked in a creamy sauce with pepper and a soft poached egg on top. This dish was quite delicious and filling! The penne was cooked just right and the sauce was creamy with a bit of spice from the freshly ground pepper. I found the egg to be a pleasant surprise, once I broke the runny yoke it added even more richness to the creamy sauce. There was a touch of fresh scallions here and there but I would’ve preferred a little more to cut away from the rich sauce and yolk.

All in all, Scaddabush wasn’t too bad but it wasn’t amazing either. I’d give it a 7/10 rating

Sunday: Shanghai Dimsum
We always have troubles deciding what to eat but today we were both craving dumplings! I introduced Him to dumplings for the first time a few years ago and He immediately loved them. We went to our usual dumpling place called 3-6-9 Shanghai Dimsum


This was essentially our layout. Beginning from left to right we have:
– Steamed buns that can be dipped in condensed milk
– Steamed dumplings with pork and leek
– Noodles in soup with preserved cabbage and shredded pork
– Pan fried pork dumplings
– Steamed soup pork dumplings (His ultimate favourite)

Now, of course this was a hefty meal for two people and it goes very well with a saying my mom always told me: your eyes are bigger than your stomach. It basically means that I order too much food and my stomach can’t handle eatting all of it.
Since this is our go-to dumpling place (it used to be another restaurant but they seemed to have closed for renovations the last time we checked) we usually never have any complaints and this trip was exactly that! No complaints, only two happy and full bellied customers.
Final rating would be 9/10.


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