The End of an Era

So, I’ve recently finished watching all 9 seasons of Dragon Ball Z and I’m feeling things…

  1. I feel like my childhood was basically relived, enhanced and ended
  2. I feel like there’s a void in my life now that I’m not watching DBZ
  3. I don’t really know how to process these emotions…
  4. I feel exhausted and empty without DBZ – this I only think is because it became a habit to watch it between shows or just marathon it for a whole day…I can’t really tell

The point is, I’m feeling feels and I don’t like it! 

I’m not a robot, despite what people tell me – I’m human guys, I swear. But when it comes to the feels, I get a little uncomfortable or lost.

Now, when I was within season 9 of DBZ (the Kid Buu Saga) I decided to slow down the rate I was going so that when I did finish it I wouldn’t feel withdrawal – but HA JOKES ON ME I STILL FEEL WITHDRAWAL. I literally finished DBZ last night at like 1:30am because at that point I had already marathon-ed 10 episodes and I had 2 left, so I figured why not finish it right? Wrong. The moment that last episode ended I felt empty and wanting more. 

So naturally, I added Dragon Ball GT to my list of “To Watch TV Shows” but I think I’m going to need to cool off from DBZ for a little bit before I can dive back in (but the reality is, I’ll probably start it pretty soon)

But I find that this happens to me every. single. time. I mean, you think I’d learn by now not to marathon shows and catch up in under a year but do I ever learn? No.

See, I think the only reason why I can handle weekly shows that happen once a week is because they happen only once a week. I don’t get as attached to the characters as I do when I marathon y’know? I feel like whenever I marathon, I actually really get to know the characters (okay, the reality is I remember what happened in the last episode compared to weekly shows)

But in the end, this icy stone cold heart of mine has cracked just a little bit with the end of DBZ. Although I know it’s not actually the end of the Saiyans, it sure feels like it.


(But rest assure my friends, another marathon will begin and fill the void… I’ll never stop! Never!!!!!)


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