Brain Meltdown

So I have this history paper that’s due this Thursday by midnight. Now, I did plan to start working on it Friday but unfortunately it failed (by failed I mean I didn’t even make an effort to start the damn thing). What can I say? Procrastination is my specialty around this time of year. I just feel that I’m so close to finishing the year and I don’t want to do anymore work…It’s a vicious cycle because it literally happens every year around this time!


It is now Sunday March 13th and I’m finally sitting down writing this essay (well not right now obviously) and this has got to be one the worst essays I have written to date. You know when you get a feeling that your essay is not as good as it should be but you keep doing it anyway just to get it done? That’s what I’m going through right now. My plan is to finish at least half of it today, finish the rest tomorrow and edit it Wednesday night. Now, I’m quite determined to follow my plan because this damn thing is due quite soon! But still, this essay is not the best piece I have written ever. In all 4 years I think I’ve had maybe 1 paper that made me feel this way – this paper being the second.

Welp. It’s time to get back to work (and cry). I have to stop finding ways to procrastinate this paper…but I did manage to write up 2/7 pages! I’m getting there…slowly but surely…



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