Outdoor Syndrome

My friends! This week is supposed to be such a beautiful week weather wise. I can finally stretch my legs out and pull out the ol’ spring jacket! I finally get to crack open my windows and let some fresh air in!

Makes me want to stand outside take a big deep breath and exhale happiness – literally, this is what goes through my mind every time I go outside in such beautiful weather.

Today’s weather has inspired me to pull out my favoured Birks, capris and t-shirt, but I think that might be a little bit of a stretch. I know for sure, tomorrow I’ll be wearing my Birks (and finally getting some arch support after this long period of cold – I’m not going to call it winter because it really didn’t feel like winter tbh) and possibly rolling up my jeans to free my ankles (scandalous! I know!)

But since it is sandal weather, that also means my toes have to be dressed to impress too! AKA I need to paint them pretty colours.


Ta Ta for now! I’ll be absorbing some rays and enjoying the weather – as should you! If you want to… I mean I’m not forcing you.


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