Mind = blown

So today during one of my math classes our professor set up a rotation circuit full of different math activities. Now the first thing I think of when it comes to math is stress and more stress. But not this class (thank god)! Essentially each rotation included different strands of math but almost all of it were physical manipulatives.

I found 2 of these activities to be super awesome:

  1. I built a bunny out of 7 pieces of geometric shapes! I forget what they’re called but apparently there is an ancient Chinese myth that one time this dude dropped a sacred tablet/plate and it broke into 7 pieces. But these 7 pieces are all you need to not only rebuild the tablet/plate BUT you can also use these 7 pieces to build other things! It came with a deck of cards with silhouettes on them and you could only use your 7 pieces to build the figure


image 2.  This was legit the coolest thing I have ever witnessed in my 21 years of life. By far, the COOLEST THING EVER (I’m not even over exaggerating here my friends). My professor built these different bubble stencils (let’s just call them stencils) there was a triangle or a square – and of course both those stencils would create a circular/spherical bubble right? But he also built a cube and triangular prism stencil. Now, logic tells me that when you dip these two stencils in bubble solution it would obviously create spherical bubbles right? WRONG. SO SO WRONG!


It created a mini cube!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! Mind blowing stuff guys. The triangular prism?  CREATED MINI TRIANGULAR PRISMS!! Whaaaaaaaaaat

That’s all today folks! I hope you learned and got your mind blown as much as I did today. Honestly learning can be so much fun.


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