Musical Education

Did you ever get a musical education? I don’t mean in the academic sense where you go to music class and learn how to sight read or learn how to play an instrument. I mean it in a leisurely way? For example, this past weekend I got an education in rap music and let me tell you it was quite the experience.

I personally don’t really enjoy rap, it’s not really my thing – alternative rock/pop is more my jam. Sometimes soul, but mostly alternative stuff or whatever’s popular on the radio (typical I know, but whatever). Anyways, this weekend I was in a van with 4 other friends and 3/4 listen to rap music. Now, when I hear the word rap the only things that come to mind are 50 Cent and Eminem. Don’t get me wrong they’re amazing artists but just not my cup of tea. But this time, the rap they played was more Drake, Childish Gambino – you know the kind of rap that has more than just fast talking and some kind of a beat. That kind of rap, I like.

But anyway, I learned to have an appreciation for rap (as I would classify it).

In general, it’s good to have an open mind and I’m glad that I have friends who have different music tastes – another example? I am now a country lover as of last year! 😀

So much progress in my musical education in so little time.

I’ll just pat myself on the back and give myself kuddos.



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