UPDATE: on London, ON.

On Feb. 26 – 28 is when I made my way down with a bunch of friends to London, Ontario! This is essentially what went down:

  1. I eagerly waited for my buddies to pick me up as they travelled from Kingston to Toronto to my humble (school) town of Brantford. From there, we were well on our way to London to party it up and have one amazing weekend!
  2. The trip down was super hyped up with good tunes and good company – but I think it’s safe to say we were all super excited and pumped up to just get there already!
  3. Finally made it to London and met up with some other friends for a delicious Pho dinner and a visit to the Lick-Bo! (AKA LCBO).
  4. The time was ready, and the night was young – this was essentially when everything happened. We had tons of drinks, met up with all our friends and eventually hit the clubs!

Now, that’s all I can say because what happens in London, stays in London ya feel? It’s more of a “you had to be there” kind of experience.

Overall, this past weekend was one amazing weekend and I’m so incredibly lucky to have such amazing friends who organized this amazing event! It was definitely worth the wait.





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