Post – London

I know, I know. Soooo many posts about London, Ontario – but what can I say? It’s an amazing place (read: it’s the place where majority of my friends reside)

BUT – all that fun needed to be compensated with a little not so much fun right? Right. This is exactly what happened to me…yesterday and somewhat today.

I come back to Brantford, and I’m feeling good – maybe not well rested but still pretty good you know? Probably as good as I could feel after a whole weekend of partying. Anyways, I wake up the next day feeling a little under the weather with a sore throat – no big deal. I pop a Tylenol Cold Daytime and all is well until around 2:30 – that’s when the pill wears off (it’s a little expired…but it’s all good! You can still take them when they’re expired except the potency goes down) and everything hits me all at once. I suddenly get chills and my throat is starting to hurt a little more. By the time 4 rolls around I’m shaking all over and my whole body seizes up in order to keep me warm on the walk from the bus stop to my house.

Once I’m home I fall into bed hoping to fall asleep and sleep this thing off – but to no avail, I had chills for an hour before I passed out (well, I think I passed out… I’m not really sure). I wake up all sweaty and hot but if I move the covers I know I’ll get cold again, so its a fever that I just sweat out (ha! Get it? Little p!atd reference there…sort of). This cycle repeats itself for the rest of the evening until I force myself out of bed around 8 to make some soup and eat an apple and an orange.

Eventually I fall asleep again around 9PM and finally call it quits around 10.

Needless to say, I think this one fever was kind of worth partying all weekend. Kind of. But I would definitely take no fever and one weekend of partying but hey, I can’t really complain.


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