Interesting…but not really

So for one of my assignments for one of my classes was to complete a Grade 6 EQAO Test within Mathematics.

Now, this was literally my first initial reaction

oh no

But when I actually started doing the test it was a lot less painful that I thought it would be. For those who know me, my math skills are incredibly amateur and I’m pretty sure at my age, my math level is still probably mediocre compared to where it should be.

But still, this test did have some tricky questions that made me question myself – “am I doing this right?” or “what the hell does that even mean?!” (the latter more than the former). Now, this test was only 18 questions and there are probably only about 2 – 3 questions I wasn’t completely sure on – which is why I’ll be asking my roommate (who is actually a math genius) to help me out tomorrow 😀 yay for math friends!


(Can you tell how grateful I am to have friends who are good in math?)


One word: EXTREMELY. 

All in all, after this test I came out thinking 2 things:

  1. I really, really suck at math – but I don’t suck as much as I probably did when I was in grade 6 because I like to think that I do know more math than I did when I was a 6th grader (hopefully)
  2. Having friends who love math has sooooooooo many perks. Like soooooo many

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