A few days ago I was looking for a document I saved on my computer (for homework purposes) and I came across some oddly titled documents I created a few years ago. Me being curious, I decided to click on them and give it a good read – I was pleasantly surprised! Those documents I found? They were actually little diary pages that I wrote out with the full intention of publishing them online (obviously as an amateur wanna-be writer) and possibly including them within an original story written by yours truly but I guess it just never happened.

But one of them, really made me remember when I first met Him – that was literally the day my entire life changed (for the better!)

It essentially outlined our first few dates (which were so cute btw if I do say so myself) and how he made me feel on those first dates (I was totally in love way back then – I just didn’t even know it). It just took me back to those first few initial dates – they were somewhat awkward but still all in good fun. You know those moments when you’re trying to get to know someone but you also want to date them in the long run? It was something like that…if that makes any sense.

But anyways, here we both are 3 (almost 4) years away still together going strong. It just completely reminded me how thankful I am that He came into my life at the right time and how happy He makes me.

Now, I don’t usually like to talk about these things a lot so there’s going to be a very few occasionally posted posts here about us and Him.


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